Black Belt Healing… A book by David Nelson, PhD

Start living each day like a true Warrior! Learn to harness the power of your mind and find greater strength, athletic performance and peace of mind. Unleash your limitless potential with Black Belt Healing.

Three Books in One! Read the section that best suits you…plus a 20 minute bonus CD included!

-Part 1 discusses the nature of pain and the power of your mind to conquer it.

-Part 2 shows you how to apply the power of your mind for health & healing.

-Part 3 is a catalog of guided imagery scripts designed for warriors you can use to conquer pain, heal faster…even lose weight.

-bonus CD is a guided imagery journey when you need relief from pain!

Results from reading this book.

You will be able to reduce your pain and heal from injury faster…and with more confidence! You will also discover how to tap into your raw pure potential for manifesting health, success and inner peace.

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